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10 Documents You Should Shred Immediately

Identity theft is a serious concern now that we are all using newer and more advanced technology. Many people and businesses now use so much new technology that they forget about confidential documents left on the shelves and in archive boxes which they no longer use. There are several documents which need to be destroyed immediately to avoid unauthorised use and potential identity theft. If you’re looking for peace of mind, read ahead.

  1. Bank Statements

Bank statements from financial institutions are the number one item to be shredded as soon as it is necessary. This also includes stock and investment information and other banking documents such as ATM receipts and withdrawal slips. All of these items need to be shredded.

  1. Old Tax Returns

Although tax returns need to be saved for 5 years, it’s important to NEVER throw them in the bin. Shredding these confidential documents is the only way to ensure criminals can’t get their hands on yours or your businesses’ tax information.

  1. Pay Slips

Income, taxes, banking and health care information is all stored on this one piece of paper. After all of the information on your pay slips has been confirmed and they are no longer of use, they need to be destroyed immediately.

  1. Junk Mail

Many of us don’t even read our junk mail and simply throw it in the bin without thinking. Junk mail can include preapproved loan and credit card applications, and criminals can sign up to these mailings on your behalf. Eliminate this risk by using a confidential destruction service.

  1. Credit Card Statements

Not only do credit card statements contain personal information about your spending habits and your accounts. Once you have looked over them to ensure it’s all accurate, all statements should be shredded.

  1. Expired Passports and IDs

Protect your identity by destroying these documents as soon as they have expired.

  1. Statements from Centrelink

Statements from Centrelink can include Pension information, Youth Allowances, Housing Benefits and Family Tax Benefit and Income Allowance statements. All of this contain confidential personal information that’s extremely private. All must be destroyed when necessary to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

  1. Boarding Passes

Boarding Passes are often the gold mine of identity fraud. These documents contain information such as your birthday, passport number and nationality

  1. Insurance Records

Another piece of personal information which needs to remain private or be destroyed immediately. Be thorough with which documents are crucial to keep, and destroy the rest.

  1. Medical Records

Bills, lab results and general newsletters from your local hospital or GP, all contain strictly confidential information including your name, address and medication needs. Once any of this information is no longer required, it should be destroyed.

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