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Q | Does Shred Easy offer one off collections or do I have to be a regular customer ?

A | Shred Easy understands that document destruction is not needed all of the time. We are happy to dispose of documents regularly or on an as and when required basis.

Q | Why use a NAID Member ?

A | NAID is the international trade association for companies who provide data destruction services. This association brings together the best in the industry. NAID sets out standards and ethics for companies operating in this field.

Membership is voluntary, therefore enrolment demonstrates a companies commitment to their standards and ethics.

By using a NAID member you can be sure that your documents and data are destroyed with the highest level of industry knowledge and commitment.

If you would like to learn more about NAID, please visit www.naidonline.org

Q | Why shouldn’t we shred in house ?

A | By outsourcing your document shredding to Shred Easy, your staff can become more productive by not wasting valuable time at the shredder, and having to remove staples and files. Our high capacity shredders can shred your documents in a matter of minutes and not hours.

Q | Do I have to remove staples, paperclips and binders ?

A | No, our shredders will handle all of these items with ease.

Q | What happens to the shredded paper ?

A | The shredded paper is sent to the paper mill, where it is processed back into paper products such as paper towels and tissue paper.

Q | What can we shred ?

A | Security shredding isn’t only confined to paper. We can shred CD’s, DVD’s, Video’s, Tapes, Mobile Phones, Hard Drives, Uniform & Clothing, and many other products.