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4 Reasons To Have An Office Clean Out After EOFY

June is well and truly over, so congratulations – we have survived the ‘End Of Financial Year’ tax requirements, business wrap ups, and all the other events that seem to pile up at this time of year.

Many offices and business are left with piles of paper, folders, documents, files – all sorts of paperwork that is sensitive, but no longer needs to be kept.

That’s where the EOFY Office Clean Out comes in!

But there are other reasons to clear things out – here are 4 reasons to make sure you get your office tip top and ship shape for the FY23/24!

1  |  Order out = Order IN

Keep your office staff motivated with a sparkling clean, organised office space. There’s nothing more effective for keeping your team enthused and encouraged for the remainder of the calendar than room to move!

Winter can slow us all down, and having to walk through a cluttered office doesn’t help.

Improve the mindset of the office in general with an ordered, organised office space, and see the improvement in productivity!


2  |  Declutter

Stop having to search through piles of old files and folders. Securely destroy what you no longer need to retain or archive, so you know that there is no risk of any confidential information breach, and only keep what you need to.  Once the old or obsolete documents, files, archive boxes etc are gone, you will find it is far easier to access information quickly and efficiently.

By securely shredding all the unused paperwork, you will also know that your business is compliant.

Another advantage of clearing out old, obsolete paperwork and files is the reduction of storage space required – saving money and time.


3  |   Refresh your space

Once you have moved all the unwanted items from your business space, you will have a far better idea of what is actually needed to operate the office.

Was there a stack of archive boxes sitting at the end of one of the desks, cramping the way people moved around the office?
Did the library have folders bulging out in the middle of each shelf, so getting something out was nearly impossible, and new folders were just piling up on random tables or desks?

It’s these little details that can hamper productivity and efficiency – so now is a great time to rejuvenate your office space with all your new found space!


4  |  Peace of mind that your business is compliant

While all the above points are great for motivation, efficiency and productivity, we can’t forget that the privacy of your clients and your business is what this is really about.

As you are going through documents that you no longer need to keep, remember that it is a legal requirement to protect any sensitive information for compliance, and it can’t just be thrown in the bin.

It must be securely destroyed, so that you know your business, and your clients private information is completely protected.


You can trust ShredEasy to make this part of the project simple for you, with their years of experience, and full range of secure destruction services.

With ShredEasy, you will always get the best price, premium service, and above all, thoroughly reliable and trustworthy shredding for your confidential information.

That’s why we have over fifty 5 star ratings on Google – more than any other shredding business in South East Queensland!

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