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5 reasons to keep it clean


Businesses of all shapes and sizes have policies of all shapes and sizes.  One policy though that should cover any business is the ‘Clean Desk’ Policy.
Yes, it will keep an organised workplace in tip top condition, but there are other reasons why being efficiently ruthless with paper, files, documents etc is so important. Filing in a timely manner, and securely shredding paper documentation regularly as required is vital to keeping your business operating above board.

1 | Reduce Data Breach
The PWC ‘Global State of Information Security Survey: 2016‘ shows an increase of 109% in the number of detected security incidents in Australia. That is a fairly considerable increase, which should instil some awareness in companies both big and small.  There is no room for complacency anymore.  Why make it easy for your business to be compromised?

2 | Keep Compliant
This is relevant for business of all size, but especially for larger corporations who, if not following the strict Privacy Policy guidelines, can face fines of up $1.7m.  Information is the centrepiece of any organisation, so it needs to be protected and respected.  From the top levels of management through to front line, all staff need to be fully aware of the value of the private data that they hold within their business, and how to manage or protect it. Simple awareness campaigns and policies can make a huge difference to the level of compliance carried out, and can similarly reduce breaches, either accidental or malicious.

3 | Retain Privacy
Ever get that feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder? Open plan offices afford us very little privacy with regard to the contents of our desk, and our computer screens. It even has a term now, which is ‘shoulder surfing’. It is relatively easy for security to be breached through a quick glance over the shoulder, or a furtive sneak peek of your screen. Keep your valuable documentation safe and out of site, and make sure to securely destroy any paper documentation that is no longer needed.

4 | Reduce Risk of Theft
Some people just can’t help it. They see something interesting left on your desk long after you have trudged out the door, and have a little look. The problem with this is that you just don’t know what they are going to do with it. Over 60% of large businesses endured staff related security issues last year, so keeping a desk free of paper and temptation can only help in reducing this percentage.

5 | Up to Date Document Destruction
If you don’t need to keep it for legislative or business purposes, then shred it.  Make sure to have a reliable and trustworthy supplier who can provide either regular visits or one off bookings. Make sure their staff are thoroughly checked out, and that they have the correct processes in place, including a Certificate of Destruction.

If you are looking for help with your secure document destruction, or any other information shredding jobs, please just get in touch.