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5 Trends For Business In 2020 …That We Can’t Ignore

2019 was a big year for many of us. We hope that YOUR 2019 has been everything you hoped it would be, and more.

If you thought that 2019 was jam-packed, get ready – 2020 promises to be all that and more. To help you stay on top of the relentless rate of change, we thought we would share some tips and trends for business to keep YOUR business ever-evolving, and ahead of the curve.

1 | Control Your Data.

Big data – it’s a term you have probably heard around the traps. It’s very nature implies that it is relevant for big companies and multi-nationals… but that’s no longer true. Data is super important for ALL sizes of business.

But what does data mean? Well, to be succinct, it’s about customer behaviour. What people do – how they behave when they do business with you, how they engage with you, how they prefer their communications…

Start simple – install Google Analytics on your website and start analysing the traffic. Where your web traffic goes, how long it stays, where it bounces – all this information can give you valuable insights into how your customer behaves.

Don’t forget though, when you have finished with the data, or no longer need it, have it professionally and securely destroyed or shredded!

2 | Don’t forget to be human.

While techonology is on the rise, robotics and AI is coming into the play, we are still people. And we like to deal with other people. Building personal relationships will never go out of style – make sure you have open lines of communication person to person. A brand will always be stronger when it is backed by quality, customer service and dialogue.

So even when you have all the technology working for you, sending out content on all your platforms, remember to react as a good old fashioned human being.

Here at ShredEasy, we treat our customer relationships as if they were gold – our customers are valuable to us, after all!

3 | There’s no need to be confined.

Remote working is on the rise. There is no need to work from a central office location anymore, and as a nation, we Australian’s are embracing it wholeheartedly.

The barriers to working from anywhere – the beach, a mountain top, home, community working spaces – have diminished so much that at this stage 12% of people work from a multitude of places!

Remote working allows small business to grow and add infrastructure without needing to worry about real estate – plus, your business has access to the top tales around the globe!

4 | We’re all responsible.

Business large and small are looking beyond the bottom line, and are becoming more in tune with their responsibility to protect the environment, make sure that we are supporting equality, and looking after those who need it within our societies.

It’s been proven that consumers prefer dealing with companies who are green, and socially responsible.

Part of our purpose is ensuring that all shredded matter is always dealt with in a way that is eco-friendly – sending to recycling.

5 | We trust reviews more than ever…

There’s nothing new about online reviews, and they are becoming more and more crucial. Consumers trust reviews well above ads, or any branded content, because it comes directly from other people just like them.

The great thing about reviews is that there are only 2 real ways to get them – deliver a stellar level of product quality, and provide a level of service superior to your competitors.

And of course, you can always ask for reviews.

If you need a reliable, experienced document destruction and shredding team to take you into 2020,  a company who strives to superior levels of quality and service, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.