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6 ways to protect yourself from online fraud over Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone, and to all a Happy New Year.

Some of us however, may have to come back early because of a security breach in their business, or perhaps worse, return to discover theft or other disaster.

There are those among us who take advantage of those going away, people relaxing their security, the holiday season in general.


So here are 6 ways to protect what you worked hard for all year.

Regularly changing passwords, and not using predictable words (children, birthday dates, pet names) is most advisable. Never use your company name, and don’t give the same password to more than one person.

Make sure your staff have their own individual log in details, and their own level of security, depending on their level of job. Limit sensitive information to those who you can trust, and track activity.

Never, EVER, send your bank or credit card details in an email. Share them as needs through secure online forms (especially for online shopping) or through direct messaging.

If it looks too good to be true, it generally is.  If you get an email offering you a rebate, a lucky win, some sort of fortuitous windfall, or if it smells fishy in general, follow your instinct and don’t open it.  Most importantly, if you do open it by mistake, NEVER download any attachments.

Boring but necessary – don’t let your anti virus lapse, ever. The virus codes are changing constantly, and it is super important to keep this software up to date so you don’t lose valuable data.

Most of us have learnt the hard way to make sure this is done. It’s one of those admin things that just protects you, your work, and your time. Set up an automatic system so that it is easy for you to manage.


So there you have 6 simple ways to protect your sensitive and important information.
Should you have some sensitive and important information that you would like destroyed, get in touch with us. Shred Easy.