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Choosing the right shredding company

Shredding is much of a muchness, right?


When you are dealing with valuable personal information and confidential business documents, nothing could be further from the truth.
Here we list some simple ways for your to identify the best shredding business for your individual requirements.


5 tips to choosing the right shredding company

1. Are they a member of NAID ANZ?
It is important to choose a shredding company who is a member of NAID ANZ (National Association for Information Destruction) so you can be assured that the provider has been vetted by an industry recognised body.  This means that the shredding company is certified to follow the appropriate procedures, protecting your information at all times, and providing you with a Certificate of Destruction as hard evidence that your documentation and hardware is gone.  This Certificate also provides evidence of your compliance should you ever be audited.

2. Are they secure?
There is a reason that you want your documents shredded.  It is that you don’t want anyone else to have access to them, so if you want your confidential information properly destroyed, make sure the shredding service doesn’t let anyone see it prior to destruction.  Boxes or containers should be locked, and the contents shouldn’t be manually handled prior to destruction.

3. Have they got experience?
Just because a provider has access to shredding machines doesn’t mean that they understand the industry, and have experience of best practice across all shredding disciplines.  Make sure your provider is experienced, discrete and reliable.

4. Are the staff checked out?
Managing the destruction of valuable personal and business information must be undertaken by staff who have been thoroughly vetted and checked prior to wearing the uniform representing the shredding company.  Ensure they have a policy to process proper checks for staff on a regular basis.

5. Are the services flexible?
Every business is different, and your requirements may be quite removed from others. When it comes to shredding companies, it is vital that they will offer you the best possible package to suit you specifically.  They should tailor the solution to meet your own individual challenge.

Follow these simple tips, and get the best possible result when it comes to securely shredding your own documentation, or destroying your computers and hardware.

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