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Destruction That Won’t Cost the Earth

When you choose to shred your private and confidential products with us, not only are you saving your identity and protecting your business, you are also looking after the environment. More and more businesses choose to recycle each day. But why is it so important? Well, a clean environment is essential for healthy living so we need to do what we can to prevent air and water pollution. We’re not going to live forever, but your great great great great great grandchildren will sure appreciate the efforts you’ve put in to save the planet! While landfill sites themselves have improved over the last few years, what’s found in landfill sites still represents a loss to the environment and the community.

When it comes to shredding, make sure you choose a company who disposes of their waste sustainably.


There are many types of paper that can be recycled such as:

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Magazines
  • Office Paper
  • Newspapers
  • Paperboard
  • Paper Cardboard
  • Unsolicited Direct Mail
  • Phone Books

Many of these can also be shredded!

Once Shredded, the paper is then taken to a recycling plant where it is separated into different types and grades. The separated paper is then washed with soapy water to remove inks, plastic film, staples and glue. The paper is put into a large holder where it is mixed with water to create ‘slurry’. Different materials are added to the mixture to create different types of paper products.


Old and non-used uniforms can also be shredded and recycled. Industrial-grade shredders are designed to shred large quantities of material very quickly. Your company’s uniforms are an immediate method of identification for your business, and it is vital that they are securely destroyed. Your business should always dispose of uniforms for the following reasons:

  • If you have rebranded, old uniforms can dilute expensive marketing strategies.
  • Can lead to unauthorised use of uniforms by criminals posing as an employee.

ID badges and branded merchandise also needs to be shredded, not thrown away in regular garbage bins.

Shred Easy ensures that your shredded and destroyed uniforms are recycled wherever possible, rather than sent to landfill.


In 2008, it was recorded that 17 million televisions and 37 million computers ended up in landfill in Australia. Also known as E-Waste. Not only is this terrible news for the planet, but also for your identity. Throwing computers, phones, laptops, old USB sticks and hard drives in the bin is a serious cause for concern. Just like throwing your old uniforms away, this is a criminal’s dream as they could potentially access your confidential information if these items haven’t been destroyed correctly.

Did you know that electronic recycling occurs primarily to recover valuable rare earth metals and precious metals that are in short supply? So not only are you recycling something that could become hazard waste at a landfill, but you’re taking action to save the planet too!

As a member of NAID ANZ, ShredEasy ensures that our destruction processes meet best practice standards for waste management. Speak to us today!