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Do You Need a Home Document Shredding Service?

A messy home office with documents everywhere.

Most of the time a personal shredder is enough to take care of unwanted documents around the house, but not always. Maybe you’re moving house and in the clean-up have found mountains of old documents. Or perhaps you work from home and your office looks like it was hit by a bomb full of paper binders, financial reports, and invoices.


Home Shredding Services

Whatever the case, sometimes you have too many documents for a personal shredder. Since throwing your papers away as they are would put you at risk of identity theft, it’s time to call a professional shredding service.

We take you through some advantages of hiring professional document shredding services, and how to prepare your documents once you do.


Advantages of Hiring Professionals


If you have a really hefty pile of papers to get through, a personal shredder is going to take an awfully long time. The most expensive models around get through 300 pages at a time, slowly. Cheaper models get through far less, overheat, and usually must be hand-fed documents.

Hiring a professional service means you can get on with moving house, or rearranging your office, without having to face hours and hours of mindless shredding.


Many retail shredders cut documents into wide strips that could be put back together fairly easily. While this won’t be a problem for occasional shredded bills or letters, but a mass of poorly shredded documents sitting on your curb may well catch the eye of an identity thief.


Whereas getting through the shredding yourself leaves you only one option – just keep shredding – a professional service gives you options.

You can have your papers taken care of at home with a mobile shredder that will have the job done in minutes or they can be securely transported to a facility for shredding.


Residential recycling bins are only so big, and you probably won’t fit half a lifetime’s documents into yours. But environmentally responsible document shredding services like ShredEasy are committed to recycling. They will transport the paper waste left after shredding to be recycled.

Document Preparation

Preparing documents for shredding involves removing a lot of staples and paper clips, removing paper from plastic binders or boxed, and other fiddly, time-stealing tasks. A good shredding service will take care of all of this for you before destroying your documents.


Preparing for the Shredders

You actually don’t need to do too much when preparing for a visit from the shredders. The main things are deciding what documents need to be shredded and then getting them all in one place for collection or on-site destruction.


What to Keep

When deciding what to keep, focus on what you still need or will need in the future – like wills, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, and so on – and shred everything else, especially items that contain sensitive information like bank details, credit card details, and your name and address.


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