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Efficiency and Security with On-Site Shredding

A businessman holding shredded paper in his office

Information is king and, while having information brings great advantages, losing it to thieves could be your downfall.

An important way to guarantee your information security is by shredding sensitive documents. It might seem like buying one or more personal shredders will save you money, but in fact it is a false economy.


Why Use a Secure Document Destruction Service?

Businesses produce large amounts of documentation that will need to be shredded. This time-consuming work will actually greatly decrease your employee’s productivity, especially if it is neglected and the work piles up.

Not only that, but also many retail shredders are simply not good enough, resulting in large strips of paper that could be pieced back together easily. They also can’t deal with hard drives and other technology shredding.

ShredEasy provides shredding services for businesses in Brisbane and southeast QLD, and our on-site shredding service is the ultimate for convenience and peace of mind.


Why On-Site Shredding?

Having your documents securely and professionally destroyed on your own premises brings a number of benefits.


Convenience and Sustainability

ShredEasy has a state of the art mobile shredder, which we can bring right to you and use on your premises. This is much more convenient and efficient than trying to take care of your own shredding, or even hiring someone to painstakingly put your documents through a personal shredder.

You can also arrange to have on-site shredding done at regular times, so you don’t have to worry about calling and making arrangements each time. Locked bins can also be installed in your premises for you to fill with documents you want destroyed.

Once the documents have been shredded they go through a secure paper recycling service. This involves safe transportation to a mill where the waste is pulped and recycled, enhancing both your security and your green credentials.



Personal shredders are slow and usually must be fed by hand. Even very expensive personal shredders can’t get through more than around 300 pages at a time. ShredEasy’s mobile shredder, on the other hand, can process more than 2000 kilograms of documents per hour, meaning no job is too big and we’ll be done quickly – think minutes rather than hours.


Peace of Mind

While off-site shredding services are just as safe as on-site, there’s no denying the peace of mind that comes from knowing your documents have never left the premises. Because professional document destruction is so fast, you can even witness the shredding and verify it firsthand without taking too much out of your day.


Cost Savings

By keeping your staff productive and saving time, you’ll also be saving money with a secure document destruction service.



Information security isn’t just about protecting your business. It’s also about the privacy of your customers and employees. There are a number of laws surrounding privacy that you must be compliant with, and professional shredders make sure you are.

ShredEasy will even issue you with a Certificate of Destruction as evidence of your compliance.


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You can read more about ShredEasy’s on-site shredding services on our website. If you’d like to discuss our services in person, or get a free quote call us on (07) 3188 5882 or enquire online.