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It’s not just paper that can be shredded

Do you have piles of paper, old folders, lever arch files or plastic sleeves lying around the office?

Well, did you know that all of these things can easily be shredded, so that they are securely and safely destroyed? Have confidence in protecting your personal information, because modern, industrial strength shredders are able to destroy all sorts of items.  And if they are all paper based, then you don’t even have to sort them.

That’s right – it’s not just paper that can be shredded.


All you need to do is put the items into the locked, secure containers that your shredding company provides, and your job is done.
There is no need to remove paper clips or staples, or even binder clips.

No matter if the material is personal or business, it is vital that all confidential information is securely destroyed – all you have to do is tell your shredding company how much you have.

If you are wondering exactly what can be destroyed, here is a list for you:

Folders, including:
Lever arch files
Plastic sleeves
Manilla or cardboard folders
Metal binders, and more 

Boxes, including:
Archive boxes
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard packaging

Other items, including:

Printed Materials, including:
Hard cover and soft cover books
Newspapers and magazines
Forms and personal documents

If you have something else that doesn’t fall on this list, just ask your mobile shredding company – they will be able to tell you how to have it safely and securely destroyed, so you can have peace of mind.

Download the list here.

If you need any more information, or if you have any questions at all about mobile offsite shredding, just get in touch!