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Keeping it regular for $12.40 per week!


Shredding is one of those things.  One of those things where most people have no idea what sort of cost is involved, or how cheap it actually can be.

The best way to make sure that your documentation and paper waste is dealt with securely, safely, regularly and in a cost effective way is to book in shredding collections for once every four weeks.


Keep it regular. It’s better for everybody.


If you book in regular four weekly collections, you won’t have to worry about:

1.  Overflowing wheelie bins

2. Monitoring the level of waste

3. Paying for the hire of your wheelie bin!

If you commit to regular collections, you will pay only $12.40 per week – saving up to $180 per year!
And once your paper is shredded, and you have received your Certificate of Destruction, the shredded paper is sent to the paper mill, where it is processed back into paper products such as paper towels and tissue paper.


What can you shred regularly?

♦  Lever Arch Files

♦  Plastic & Paper Folders

♦  Metal Binders

♦  Archive Boxes

♦  Regular Boxes

♦  Staples

♦  Paper Clips

♦  Books and Forms

♦  Newspapers and Magazines

♦  Forms & Personal Documents

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