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Protect Your Clients Personal Information

Maintaining client confidentiality and privacy is an absolute must for any business or organisation. Confidentiality isn’t just guarding your customers private data, it’s a trust builder and shows that you value your clients’ business.

There are plenty of methods that can be implemented when it comes to safeguarding your clients’ private information:

  • Creating a procedure that ensures physical files are locked away and secure.
    By forming a specific plan on how your company handles clientele documents is the best way to ensure complete client confidentiality throughout the company.


  • Limit employee access to customer data.
    Only those with permission from the clients have access to their information or employees that are allowed access subsequent to their job description.


  • Choosing a web host that values your company’s security.
    When it comes to employing third-party organisations to assist you, you must ensure that your company’s security is their number one priority. By protecting you, they’re protecting your customers too.


  • Installing Anti-Virus software on all computer systems.
    This may seem common sense to many, but with the advances in modern technology, many deem this software unnecessary. Do some research and see which programme suits your company’s needs.


  • Clients information is not repeated to those who have no involvement with the individual or business in question.


About Confidential Information

Confidential information is anything which the client or business does not want to be made public. This can include business procedures, activities, trade secrets, products, services, finances and polices. If there is anything else that is wished to remain private, your client should let you know prior to commencing business with you.

There are some important steps you need take when handling confidential information:

  • Consider which information is valuable to collect and hold. Will this information be required to carry out your functions and activities?
  • Make a plan of how the personal information will be stored and handled. When creating the handling practices, make sure privacy protection is included.
  • Are there any new acts, practices or changes to the business? If so, are there any new risks involved in handling confidential information?
  • Take any appropriates steps to ensure your strategies protect the personal information that you hold.
  • Destroy all of your clients’ private information when it is no longer needed. This includes computer files, and physical documents. ShredEasy can create a Confidential Waste Management Package to suit your business’s e-waste destruction or paper shredding needs.

Client confidentiality should be your company’s number one priority. It not only builds trust and the free-flow of information between you and your client, but also shows that you have respect for your clients and their privacy. By providing such a secure service, your company will also benefit by receiving admiration from current and potential clients as well as trust in your brand.

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For a more detailed review of Australia’s current Privacy act, please visit: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy-law/privacy-act/