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Shred for a Cause – a great event!


Well, we Shredded For A Cause, and it was a fantastic event!
Of course, any event raising funds and awareness for the wonderful Hummingbird House will be a good one, we are just so pleased to be able to help them in some small way.

Hummingbird House brought their van in with some of the great staff, and together we helped educate the passers by of Brisbane about the how this great charity can help kids whose lives are tragically short.

The Queensland Police dropped in as well, along with some other local business people. Our truck looked fantastic sitting in the artwork of Reddacliff Place at the top of the Brisbane Mall, and it certainly stood out!


We are planning to hold this event on a yearly basis, growing awareness for this much needed organisation.

So, in case you didn’t come across it before, here is some information about Hummingbird House:

Did you know that at any given time, around 3,700 Queensland families are living with, loving and supporting a child or teenager with a life-limiting condition? It is their worst nightmare, and the struggles are immense. Hummingbird House is being created to help them through this journey.

Hummingbird House ensures that these families to access rest and relaxation breaks for the whole family, giving children a way to get out of the hospitals and away from their daily routine.

They afford parents the opportunity to gain some much-needed sleep, and be a parents to all of their children as well as performing the role of medical carer. They provide families with the change to find quiet moments together, and create precious memories with the short time they have with their beloved child. And they ensure families have access to a caring and supportive environment in which to say goodbye.

There are currently only 2 children’s hospices currently operating in Australia, and neither of them are in Queensland.

But now, Hummingbird House is going to change that.

And we will continue to help. Stay tuned for the details of next year’s event, and help us make it bigger and better for those kids.