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Shred for a Cause | Hummingbird House

Imagine having a child who is ill, with a finite amount of time on this earth.
Imagine seeing the most precious thing in your life having to suffer through pain and discomfort.
Imagine.  It happens, and it happens to parents, children and families everyday.

So then imagine the value and joy of having somewhere for these families to spend time with these precious children, to help them discover moments, and creating memories which will last forever.

That somewhere is Hummingbird House.

Hummingbird House is currently being built, and will provide world-class respite and end of life care for life-limited children and their families.

At ShredEasy, we want to help this wonderful organisation to deliver the best possible experiences for these special families, and extraordinary children.
So we are having an event, Shred For A Cause.

If you work in the Brisbane CBD, come to Reddacliff Place at the top of the Queens St Mall on Friday 25th, between 10am and 3pm, and look for the big Shred Easy truck.
Trust us, you won’t miss it.
Bring along any paper that you want to have shredded, and it will be SHREDDED ON THE SPOT!  No need to worry about confidentiality, after the destruction of the paper, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to ensure it has been completely and utterly destroyed.

Here are some things that you can SHRED on the SPOT
Old Tax Documents
Scrap Paper
Old Letterheads
Old Bank Statements
Direct Mail

Any paper items will be destroyed confidentially and safely on the spot, and you just make a donation which goes STRAIGHT to Hummingbird House.

Declutter, and become part of the Hummingbird House community, by sharing in a commitment to see the vision of this wonderful entity becoming a reality for Queensland families in need.

Get involved by clicking here, or just rock up on the day.