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Shredding for good.


The destruction of confidential data and documents is part of the cycle of any business.

No matter whether you need a one-off cleanout or a regular collection service, you are just wanting to get rid of sensitive documents, hard drives or other magnetic media, our confidential shredding services offer you peace of mind from the worry of data theft, along with compliance with government regulations, and environmentally-friendly credentials.

But what happens to the waste?
It’s one thing to want to get rid of documentation and digital data, but we all want to make sure that it is dealt with in a way that is supportive to the environment, don’t we?


Another great feature of our service is that your waste is handled in an environmentally friendly way. Wherever possible, we recycle the material we collect. This means that less of your paper, products, and equipment end up in landfill. The recycled pulp that we create from document shredding is baled up and re- used for packaging and other purposes.

Your clients will see that your business acts with responsibility and accountability by following a process that supports the future of our planet. And if having an environmental policy is important to your branding, using ShredEasy to manage your waste matter can only add value to that brand equity.

So if you needed another reason to get more organised, there it is.

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