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Storing Documents in the Home and Keeping Them Secure

Keeping private documentation secure in your home can be an organisational nightmare. Insurance policies, bank statements and medical records can all seem to blur into one pile on the desk. By keeping your confidential information in a secure place, you’re not only preventing identity theft or the risk of losing them, you’re also giving yourself a piece of mind knowing that yourself, your family and your business are safe and protected.

The following documents are considered confidential and need safeguarding.



A Will (if you have one), is one of the most important legal documents you will ever own. However, it’s no good to anybody if it cannot be found or is stolen. If you have used a public trustee or solicitor to organise your Will, they can store it in a safe place for you. Always keep a copy for your records and perhaps store it in a fireproof safe.


Insurance Documents

Whether it’s life, home and contents, pet, health or car insurance, they all have your details clearly printed on them. If your insurance policies were to get stolen or misplaced, you could potentially miss out on payouts or become a victim to identity theft. Always hide your insurance documents and tell a trustworthy person where they can be found.


Passport and travel documents

Identity theft costs Australians around $1.5 billion a year and passports are the number one most sought after document for identity thieves. Always keep your passport well hidden (not so well that you can’t find it though!) in your home and when you are travelling. If you need to carry it on you, never keep it in the back pocket of a bag or in a pocket on the outside of your clothes. Keep it close to you and out of others reach at all times.

***Even boarding passes and travel itinerary’s need to be destroyed when they are no longer needed as they all display personal information.


Banking Information

If somebody was to steal your banking information, not only could you become a victim to identity theft, but you might find all of your money being spent and your credit cards ‘maxed-out’. Always use a professional on-site paper destruction company that are NAID certified to destroy any unwanted banking information. Never throw away paperwork or use an in-home paper shredder for this kind of sensitive material.


***There are illegal companies that are solely run by scam artists to steal bank information and credit cards whether it’s by burglary, e-mail or over the phone.
Tax files, medical records, passwords and their copies need to remain secure at all times. Whether it’s from theft, fire or flood.


ShredEasy will destroy all of your documentation that is no longer needed (whether it is paper or technology). We will come to you and shred onsite with you, at your premises. We’ll save you time and money and give you a piece of mind knowing that yourself, your family and your business is safe. Contact ShredEasy today.