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The 2 KEY reasons you MUST destroy your business uniforms …

…to protect yourself, and your company.


Does your business use uniforms?

Company uniforms are more and more prevalent, because it’s such a great way of creating pride within the business, and increasing company profile in the community.

But what happens when your staff leave? They return the uniform, right? ( By the way, if you don’t have that process in place, well, that’s something you need to do…).

Or what about if the uniform has become damaged from wear and tear? Maybe you have rebranded, and its just not usable anymore.

Regardless, it’s a real possibility that you could have old, unused uniforms sitting around somewhere.

Well, that’s dangerous. We’re going to go over the 2 KEY reasons why in this article for you, and show you how to mitigate your risks.

Why you should ALWAYS destroy unused uniforms – Reason 1


Imagine this.

A person with less than honourable intentions gets their hands on an unused, discarded:

  • Police Uniform
  • Firefighter Uniform
  • Security Guard Uniform
  • Bank Office Uniform
  • Armed Forces Uniform

They develop an elaborate scheme to access the business represented by the uniform, by impersonating a staff member. For businesses of reasonable numbers, it can be challenging keeping tabs on staff – so it could be potentially easy for the impersonator to infiltrate your company, and access private business information, client information or cash and assets.

Make sure that anyone who gets one of your company uniforms is a real staff member.

Why you should ALWAYS destroy unused uniforms – Reason 2


You may remember in late 2017 a video going around.

It was of a politician being approached by a man who clearly disagreed with his views, and aggressively demonstrated his own opinion.

You may also remember that he was wearing a Toll Uniform.

You can view the video here.

A friend of his had lent him the shirt – someone who had been sacked by transport company Toll two years prior, and then again after doing some contract work.

They actually wore the uniform to give them a higher profile – to the cost of Toll of course!

It went to court – but there was clearly damage done to the brand profile of Toll. The initial costs were firstly a loss of $45,000 from a single client who immediately pulled their account after they saw the video.

You can see that these reasons are BOTH extremely important when it comes to protecting your business.

So what do you do with your old unused uniforms?

Destroy them. Securely.

Professional Uniform Destruction is easier than you might think.

Here at ShredEasy, we have the cutting edge technology to completely destroy your corporate uniforms, to make sure you are fully protected.

When it comes to your secure destruction requirements in South East Queensland, it’s always important to choose someone reputable, who is a member of NAID, and who understands the importance of this part of the business. We are a full service Shredding company, looking after your document destruction, e-waste, corporate uniform destruction, mobile shredding and more.

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