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There’s a reason we call it ‘Mobile Shredding’….

… and it’s all about making life easier for you.


Mobile Shredding – the most secure, and the most convenient.

Mobile shredding is known as the most secure way of destroying confidential and private documents. Full stop.

Without undertaking the proper process of destroying confidential documents, or by disposing of them via general waste or recycling bins, individuals and businesses risk fines of up to $1.7M for breaching the Privacy Act.

But there are other benefits to getting your preferred Shredding supplier to come to you.

Here are 3 for you.



You get Shredding Professionals on the job.

We’ll actually come to you. To your house, your business, or your office.
Because we do this every day, we’ll be able to do all the heavy lifting for you.  Our trained, fully vetted professional team can stack and transport those boxes heaving with documentation.


Mobile Shredding is truly flexible.

Mobile Shredding is only a phone call away, so you can arrange visits as often or seldom as you like – it’s a flexible, convenient arrangement that totally depends on what you need.

So there’s no need to arrange transportation of your confidential documentation for secure destruction, you only need call your trusted provider.

Our purpose built mobile shredding truck takes paper shredding to a new level. Imagine a secure paper shredding service that can destroy more than 2000kgs of material per hour; so much faster than having a person manually process paper shredding through a small shredder.


Mobile Shredding means you KNOW it’s destroyed.

When you drop documentation and private information off, there is always a chance that it hasn’t been 100% securely and completely destroyed. After all, you didn’t see it happen.

But with Mobile Shredding, you can actually watch the Mobile Shredding Truck shred the material – there can be no doubt that your documentation is shredded entirely. Not one piece of paper of documentation will be left whole, it is all destroyed, and you see it happening.

On top of that, a reputable supplier will always supply you with a Certificate Of Destruction to guarantee 100% destruction. So there is no need to worry about compromise for you, or your business. You get total security, total peace of mind.

The methodology of shredding within a Mobile Shredding Truck offers an additional level of security. The machinery on board both pierces and tears the paper material, resulting in small pieces of paper that can never be reconstructed, as opposed to longer strips of more traditional shredding machines.

And once it has been destroyed, the end result is sent off to the paper mill for reprocessing and recycling, and you haven’t even had to leave the office.


If you’re looking for a professional shredding provider to make life easier for you, get in touch with us here at ShredEasy.