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Our clients come from all walks and industries of life.

From professional services, to residential clean outs, to government projects.

But no matter what size the business, how big or small, we treat all customers with the respect that they deserve, and deliver premium, efficient, quality service.

So if you have worked with us in the past, no matter how long ago, we would love to ask you a favour.


Leave us a review on Google – a star rating, and if you have a couple of minutes, some detail about your experience.

It helps us to keep our service levels up, and make sure that we continue to deliver the high level of service for which we aim.


How to leave a review on Google

Not sure how to review us on Google? No problem – let us show you how, step by step.


Step 1

Go to Google.com OR the Google Maps app and type in the name of our company and our suburb. Like this:

Step 2

Go to the right hand side, and click on ‘Write a review’ (see diagram below).

Or, if you are on your mobile, click on ‘ShredEasy’ (at the bottom of the screen) and scroll down until you see the ‘Reviews’ section.


Step 3

Choose the number of stars you would like to rate us with, from 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest.

(PS if you have a minute, we would love you to write a brief description of your experience with us here at ShredEasy – if you’ve got more time, go into as much detail as you like!)

Also, if you need to sign into your Google account, just skip to Step 4, then come back to Step 3.


Step 4

Just sign in to your Google+ or gmail account, if you have one, and were asked to sign in.

If you haven’t got an account, it’s super easy to create one. You will be prompted to create one, and it only takes a minute (if you are on a desktop computer, click on ‘Create Account’, or on mobile, go to ‘More Options’, then ‘Create new account.’


Simply follow those steps, then publish your review, if you haven’t already.

If you have any troubles at all posting a review, just let us know, we will help.
And if you have other feedback, don’t hesitate to send it through to us here.

Lastly? Thank you. The ShredEasy team really appreciates it!