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Why Secure Document Destruction Is A Must For Professional Service Businesses

The term ‘Professional Services’ encompasses a wide range of industries.

Industries including architects, accountants, lawyers / solicitors, engineers, and doctors, whose firms typically provide customised, knowledge-based services to their clients.

It’s proven that Safe Document Destruction is a crucial element of running this type of business. Because if they don’t undertake privacy protection processes, they can easily face reputational challenges, not to mention compliance issues and fines,and staggering overhead costs.

Here are some top reasons why Professional Service firms NEED secure shredding services to protect their business.

Prevention of identity theft

Also known as identity fraud, identity theft is when personal information is stolen and misappropriated to impersonate the victim and consequently benefit from it. Based on recent estimates, identity crime costs Australia upwards of $1.6 billion every year, with a combination of losses to individuals and businesses falling victim to fraud and scams.

Professional Services constantly need to protect their customers’ data and identities in order to prevent criminals from taking advantage of those details, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and bank information.

Remember: the more data you collect as a business, the more there is for criminals to steal and benefit from, whether in physical or digital file formats. By not seeking out professional shredding services, you leave the door open for identity theft and other serious data breaches.

Employee and business protection

Secure shredding enables you to protect your trade secrets or any intellectual property that are on paper, including proprietary information that often determine your competitive advantage and even market survival. It also shields your employees’ data – including bank accounts and social security information – from falling into the hands of unauthorised parties.

Recycling and eco-friendliness

Document destruction providers maintain professional standards in shredding sensitive documents and recycling them, ensuring the process is completely secure from start to finish. Seeking out a shredding service with clear recycling policies also means doing your part for the environment, which will communicate your sustainability practices in your chosen markets and  communities. Telling people that the environment is important to you and your business gives another opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Cost savings

With regular secure shredding services, you are able to eliminate excessive rubbish overhauling costs. It will also keep you from having to invest in in-house shredding, including the purchase of shredders and paying for relevant costs for paper shredding, disposal and recycling. You also save yourself from expensive legal fines if crucial data leaks out or gets misused by outsiders.

Business productivity and reputation

Paper shredding isn’t just another routine procedure once you realise how much it reflects your commitment to protecting customer privacy.

Given the colossal costs of identity theft and related crimes to businesses today, your business can achieve greater productivity and a better reputation, as well as generate more business revenue, when you cover all bases and hire the proper shredding services.

Secure shredding is just good business practice. And your clients will thank you for it.

Contact ShredEasy today for the professional document destruction and e-waste management solutions that you deserve.